a must-have debugging tool for all PHP developers

Debugging PHP code 🐞

Tracy is a tool designed to facilitate debugging PHP code. It is a useful assistant to all PHP programmers, which helps with clear visualizing and logging errors, dumping variables and a lot more. Warning: Tracy is addictive!

Hinting Allowed

Tracy hints and corrects you just like a good friend watching your back. Look at the picture above. Yes, "did you mean $greeting?" was added to a well-known PHP notice by Tracy. Maybe you feel like: “If Tracy’s so clever, she could fix that error as well!” That is exactly what she can do. One click only!

Over 15 Years

We have been developing Tracy for over 15 years- and counting! Libraries we provide are therefore highly mature, stable, and widely used. They are trusted by a number of global corporations and many significant websites rely on us. Who uses Tracy?

The Joy of Errors

Have you made a mistake in your code? PHP will lets you know by a nerror notice and a gibberish call stack, not easy to work with.

Let Tracy show where you have made a mistake. Visualization of errors by Tracy is so cool, you will be looking forward to making one. (Take a look and see what we mean)

Well Informed

Quality of information matters. Who is well-informed, counts as knowledgeable. To know more than others means to have power.

Tracy Bar (demo) is a wonderful source of priceless information about a website. It can measure time, record memory, count database requests, and monitors all sorts of important data. You can enjoy it even more by plenty of plugins.